Mossad agent & us government

A dream, a remote viewing. An Israelie government secret agent looking at a long list (some 30 years worth) of every prescription medicine I had ever gotten and filled.

They even had info on me picking up medicines for other people.

I even saw patient I had once helped in 1991 get medicines.

“we know everything about your medical needs”

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FBI checks

I had a dream I was looking at a computer screen. Someone was doing a lot of FBI checks on a group of individuals.

The scene changes. I am now outside a civilian run compound. No real heavy security, seems peaceful. Only a gate arm to stop in coming vehicles to the compound.

The USA military is surrounding the compound, they are preparing to launch an attack. I saw and felt nothing dangerous or wrong about the civilian compound. They seemed rather quiet and reserve peaceful people.

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Tanks, gunfire in American neighborhoods

I had a dream the other day that tanks rolled into a local neighborhood. There were anti-tank artillery being fired at the tanks and the tanks were firing on neighborhood people. There were explosions. There was gunfire and hand grenades being thrown.

I am not certain but believe the neighborhood men being targeted by the military spoke Spanish and couldn’t have been more than 25 years old.

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Cyclone, water spouts & Churchill island

I had a dream I was on a small island. I remember asking a young female where I was. She didn’t answer me. I asked a male and he points to a sign that said Churchill Church.

There was a terrible storm just off shore. I saw a completely darken sky. A large waterspout was in the distant. Suddenly smaller waterspouts were forming on the shore a few feet away.

The wind began blowing violently, abot 60 miles an hour. The water was flying vertically, stinging my face and skin. There was a small child nearby I instructed to go run up the hill. I followed, however, I left my iPad behind and decided it would be important for communication.

I ran into a nearby store to get supplies, however, there was a large crowd of gay people in there also getting supplies.

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Explosion, objects falling from sky

This is probably dream number 3 about the same subject matter. There was a terrible powerful explosion. In the sky, thick trails of black smoke can be seen following burning debris. I saw big thick charred pieces of material falling from the sky towards me. I saw them with such clarity, spinning to the ground. I saw two pairs of black burned shoes hitting the ground. It then began to rain gritty ash.

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Mind controlling virus

A few nights ago, I had a dream people all over Dallas were suddenly getting sick and behaving oddly. Them appeared like zombies, moving around with blank expressions on their faces. I remember asking people “where are you going?” only for them to walk by me with no response.

I saw groups of people mindlessly heading in the same direction.

I saw others throwing up. And then saw a few others doing bizarre things like going to a service station and holing the gas nozzle in one nose and squirting gas up their nose – killing them.

I saw a date of may 13th.

I was not infected. I had immunity to the sickness.

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Lion in a building & car pile up

Had a dream I was in a building, when I tired a corner, a lion was in a room eating everything. The building looked like a restaurant.

Then I had a dream of something in a highway that caused cars to crashed. My car was making a noise, when I got down to check, I was driving on rims.

A child was seen operating a remote controlled helicopter. The copter was armed with laser devices.

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