Cyclone, water spouts & Churchill island

I had a dream I was on a small island. I remember asking a young female where I was. She didn’t answer me. I asked a male and he points to a sign that said Churchill Church.

There was a terrible storm just off shore. I saw a completely darken sky. A large waterspout was in the distant. Suddenly smaller waterspouts were forming on the shore a few feet away.

The wind began blowing violently, abot 60 miles an hour. The water was flying vertically, stinging my face and skin. There was a small child nearby I instructed to go run up the hill. I followed, however, I left my iPad behind and decided it would be important for communication.

I ran into a nearby store to get supplies, however, there was a large crowd of gay people in there also getting supplies.


About joels2000

Master's degree in psychology. Lucid dreamer.
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