Probably my 50th dream of this…

A dark storm outside a window. A man rushes up to the glass and presses his hands on the window.

A voice can be heard “he will arrive in a storm.”

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Earthquake hits dallas

I had a dream last night that a 7.1 earthquake hit dallas tx. The earthquake lasted a log time. Thousands were killed. Including me.

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Blue van with students

A dream.

A blue van goes over a cliff. It tumbles and crashes below. The van was empty of people but it was full of provisions.

It belonged to students, not necessarily school aged or college aged. These were special people.

The weather was bad. I see heavy rains and flooding. Inside a battered building, the students seek shelter.

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Bodies falling from sky

I had a dream i was running and stowed away on an airplane. After a while, the flight attendant said “we will be arriving in jamaca in 30 mins. ” At this point bodies began falling in the water.

A big cuddlefish began attacking a passenger.

Shortly after this point, a female, a secret agent with the government began to “probe me” telepathically. She came up to my face and was trying very hard to find out what i knew. The harder she tried to probe, we both had some kind of painful mental feedback.

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Officer missing

A dream…

“densmore has been missing since the 21st.”

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Military base

Another dream of a residential military base.

This time, I realized “You are the personification of God.”

I was in control.

a 2nd dream

A remote viewing. Someone was looking at my lab work. This person was explaining my findings to someone else.

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In Boot Camp

I keep having a reoccurring dream about being in bootcamp.

I remember asking myself why was I in the military again. I was in formation with a group of new recruits marching very badly.

The military was feeding us. We were in some kind of galley. I remember wandering off. I was looking around at different shops in this “strip mall” that was nearby. A gourmet “Mac & cheese” sandwich was $14.

I wandered away and remembered seeing signs for Azle, tx. Where ever I was at, there was recently a carnival. There was a lot of trash in the area like paper cups and such.

I googled axle, tx and discovered I live about 40 miles from there. I went on a short drive to axle, tx. I saw a lot of high powered electrical lines, unusual for a small town. The next day, I spoke to a coworker who told me abbot axle, tx. It use to be ft. Walters air force base near by.

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